Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Asked For Change?

Why did they changed the rules.

For the “Baby Boom” generation 2007 was a milestone producing the first “Boomer” to file for Social Security benefits. Kathleen Casey-Kirschling filed for early benefits in October 2007. What may have seemed an eternity back in 1943 finally became reality for the government’s “safety net”. Now, with each passing day, this ever-growing group of one hundred million (plus) has trained their sights on Uncle Sam’s Community Chest for the next 25 years.

If 2007 opened the doors to the largest transition of producers to retirees the shift might prove to re-write the definition of the “haves and have-nots”. With some of America’s most productive and profitable years behind her these boomers acquired more wealth than any preceding group in American history. Such shift of monumental proportion might leave a permanent ripple in the economic welfare of future producers. How can “Generation X, Y or Z” ever dream of catching up while producing for the boomer’s final years? Or is this cause for re-distributing the wealth?

From Social Security’s inception, nearly every Congress has sponsored a bill to “fix it”. So let’s establish the fact that Social Security was broken from the start! Now, the worse case scenario for Social Security would be for a super large group to withdrawal from the work force crashing the system and exposing it for what it really is.

1 How is it possible that on the brink of the boomer retirement era we find ourselves embroiled in a worldwide economic nightmare?

2 How is it possible that the likely outcome of this disaster will leave the boomers holding the bag thus denying them all that they worked for?

3 Why does it seem more than a coincidence that just when the boomers stand ready to cash-in, the government wants to open our community chest to the rest of the world?

4 What actions, if any, by our government could have led us down such a path? How low would they sink to do it?

Some of the rules “they” changed along the way…

Permitted unqualified borrowers home loans at any cost. Others will pay for the foreclosure mess with decreased property values and increased insurance.

Permitted credit to unqualified consumers. From college students to seniors. We pay for this mess with higher rates.

Tend to and treat all indigents and illegal aliens in our hospitals. Others will pay higher insurance premiums to cover the costs. Increased health risks too?

Amnesty for illegal aliens. It may be your job and vote they take next.

Deny tort reform. Others will pay higher insurance premiums to cover the judgments.

Government health care. Take it or leave it – cradle to grave.

Abortion. It’s part of women’s health care.

Eugenics. New government programs for those who just don’t measure up to the new standards of health.

Special needs baby. Dead baby

Congressional health care. Not for you…silly.

Borrow, borrow, borrow. We’ll raise taxes!

Spend, spend, spend. Let the children pay for it.

Print, print, print. We’ll raise taxes - Let the children pay for it - Is anybody listening?

Decreasing treasuries with higher yields. Get the Chinese to buy more!

Leadership from the best tax cheats in the country. “Just a hiccup”.

Higher corp. taxes. And push more jobs overseas.

More people out of work in their seasoned years. Lowers final 10-year Social Security contribution thus lowers benefits.

More workers with reduced earnings in their seasoned years. Lowers final 10-year Social Security contribution thus lowers benefits.

Is it more than a coincidence? Or could it be that since Lynden Johnson’s “War on Poverty” the government has been working behind our backs? Once affirmative action policies were initiated we began living in the two Americas John Edwards spoke of. One America where people played according to the ever-changing rules, set forth by the government and another America with people ever dependent on you and me playing by the new rules.

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