Monday, November 9, 2009

Get to the back of the line!

An open letter to The 111th Congress of the United States of America
As a resident of Cleveland Heights, I am privileged and thankful for the service’s I receive from The Cleveland Clinic, a world-class hospital with few rivals anywhere in the world. These are services I do not take for granted. Like many Clevelanders, I am aware and proud of the clinic’s world-renowned reputation, which often brings kings and queens, presidents and other leaders from all corners of the world to our city for health care. And our close proximity to Canada means that Cleveland is a frequent stop for Canadians who must rely on the American health care system to get their treatment done in time to save one’s quality of life.
If America follows through with president Obama’s request to nationalize health care...the ubiquitous cry we will all hear is...“Hey buddy, the line starts back there”.
With this being said, I have a question that begs an answer. Can Congress tell me….What will happen when your doctor’s appointment calendar is filled up for two months or more and you find that someone scheduled a Canadian or Saudi king ahead of you, an alien who never paid one red cent in US taxes? Are we Americans going to surrender our place in line too?
1) If the government grants us a “healthcare right”, what might they grant Canadians?
2) Will the health care system be open to any world citizen who simply visits our hospitals?
3) Will aliens line-up behind taxpayers or pushed to the front of the line with cash in hand?
4) Will taxpayers have the right to “bump” any alien from the line?
5) Will the aliens be charged a higher rate to offset line jumping?
6) If so, would 100% of their medical fees be returned to the taxpayer’s pockets?
7) Or, will we simply tell them to find healthcare in Cuba or Venezuela?

Mike Prokop
Cleveland Tea Party Patriot / 912 Project

…"On average, the Congressional approval rating stands around 15% yet incumbents enjoy a 95% re-election rate. This proves only one thing….WE CITIZENS ARE MISUSING OUR POWER".

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